The Fini Group
is 100% Italian

The story of three brands – Fini, Le Conserve della Nonna and Mastri Pastai Bettini – all expressing culture of its territory, combined with passion for the typical products of Italy’s gastronomic tradition and dedication to food that is a pleasure to narrate, to see and to prepare.

A constantly evolving tradition, guided by a mission that can be summed up in three words: Non Solo Buono. Because with food, Goodness on its own is never enough.

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Take a look at our portal, devoted to content about Fini,
Le Conserve della Nonna and PAF and their recipes.

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For years, the Fini Group has invested emotionally and proactively in sustainability, making concrete commitments to reduce its environmental impact, to promote fairness and social well-being and to sustain economic growth and development.


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Use of top quality raw materials


Constant reduction of environmental impact

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