The following privacy policy notice is given to you by Gruppo Fini SpA with sole shareholder, a company with head office in Via Confine 1583, Ravarino (Mo), VAT and Tax Code 02993980362 (hereinafter “the Company”) as Data Controller for processing the personal data you have provided directly and by sending your CV for a voluntary application or in response to an advertisement for employment or collaboration with the Company or with companies, for which the Data Controller provides IT and administrative assistance.

The Company considers it fundamental to respect your privacy and therefore kindly asks you to carefully read this Privacy Policy Notice (hereinafter “Privacy Policy”) so you may make a conscious, free and informed choice.

Generally speaking, all the personal data (hereinafter “Personal Data” or “Data”) you give the Company and the information subsequently generated by processing your Personal Data will be processed in compliance with the principles acknowledged by the legislation in force on personal data protection. These principles include transparency, fairness, lawfulness, data minimisation, restriction of purpose and storage, accuracy, integrity and confidentiality.

This Privacy Policy was drawn up on the basis of compliance with the principle of transparency. At the same time, it attempts to avoid an excessively legal language to facilitate a greater understanding of the information it contains.
The Privacy Policy is divided into individual sections (hereinafter referred to collectively as “Paragraphs” and/or individually as “Paragraph”), each of which deals with a specific area in order to make reading and research into the topics as immediate and easy as possible.
You may optionally, explicitly and voluntarily transfer information to the Company which may contain Personal Data, and also inadvertently, Special Category Data, pursuant to Art. 9 (1) of EU Regulation 2016/679. This data may reveal not only political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade union membership, but also genetic data, biometric data which would unmistakeably identify a natural person, data concerning health, sexual life or sexual orientation. Similarly, by sending your CV or at a later date, the Company could collect that Special Category Data. Any processing of that data may be carried out with your explicit consent and in compliance with the authorisations in force at the time on the protection of personal data. To this regard, we ask you not to provide this type of information unless strictly necessary. If, on the contrary, you should decide to do so, you will be asked to give special consent in compliance with the legislation in force on personal data protection. If you fail to give the Company your consent to process your Special Category Personal Data, should you provide it, we may not consider your application.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the information collected could actually contain Personal Data referring to other data subjects. In all cases in which you decide to share that data, you will be considered an independent data controller for its processing and as such, you will have to take on all the pertinent legal obligations and liabilities. Therefore, to this regard, you hold the Company fully harmless from any dispute, claim, request for compensation for damages from processing, etc. which the Company may receive from persons, whose Personal Data you have sent in breach of the applicable regulations on personal data protection. Since, under those circumstances, the Company would not collect this information directly from the data subjects (but indirectly from you), you guarantee that specific processing will be based on those data subjects’ consent or on another suitable legislative basis, which recognises the processing of the information in question.

The purpose of processing your Personal Data is to enable the search for, and selection of employees and collaborators (“Search, Selection and Assessment of personnel”).

The legal basis the Company uses to processes your Personal Data, according to the purposes indicated in the preceding Paragraph (“Purposes for processing Personal Data”), are as follows.
Providing Personal Data for the Search, Selection and Assessment of personnel is optional. However, failure to do so, or the provision of incorrect data would prevent us from assessing your application for employment or collaboration with our Company.
The legal basis for processing Personal Data for the above purposes is identified by taking pre-contractual measures used at your request.
Processing takes place using electronic supports and hard copies, both organised into data banks or archives, and involves, where necessary, the use of telephone and computer communications, such as your e-mail address.

Your Personal Data will be given to Company personnel appointed to search and select staff and collaborators. They are authorised to process the data in order to achieve the aforementioned purposes and they are all committed to confidentiality or have received an appropriate legal obligation to confidentiality. With your specific consent, your personal Data may be shared, used and transferred between the companies in the Fini Group in order to search, select and assess personnel for vacancies at those companies. They are autonomous data controllers, which may process the Data strictly within the limits necessary for the aforementioned purposes. For anything not specified in this Privacy Policy, those companies will provide a specific Privacy Policy notice on their Data processing. Personal Data may also be shared with individuals appointed by the Data Processing Managers as they process data on behalf of the Company (e.g. individuals asked to carry out technical maintenance, including the maintenance of network apparatus and electronic communication networks).

– Personal Data may be shared with third parties, with which the Company has ongoing contractual relations regarding functional services to carry out its business.

– Lastly, Personal Data will be sent, where requested, to the competent financial offices or to other Public Administrations, according to the provisions of law in force.

– Personal Data may be shared with third parties, with which the Company has ongoing contractual relations regarding functional services to carry out its business.

– Lastly, Personal Data will be sent, where requested, to the competent financial offices or to other Public Administrations, according to the provisions of law in force.

– Personal Data is not intended for publication or diffusion.

The data will be processed by the Company within the territory of the European Union and the European Economic Area. If for technical, organisational and/or operational reasons, it becomes necessary to use individuals (among those mentioned in the preceding list) located outside the European Union or European Economic Area, we wish to inform you that the Company will ensure that the Data processing by those individuals will comply with the applicable legislation. Therefore, transfers will be made with adequate guarantees, such as decisions of adequacy, models of Standard Contractual clauses approved by the European Commission, or other guarantees considered adequate. You may request more detailed information by writing to the following e-mail address:

Personal Data processed to Search, Select and Assess personnel will be stored by the Company for the time strictly required to assess the Personal Data entered, in order for the Company to possibly employ you as a permanent employee or collaborator. Data will be erased at the end of that period.

You can exercise your right at any time to:

– Request access to your Personal Data (and/or a copy of that Personal Data), and any other information regarding its ongoing processing;

– Request to rectify or update your personal data processed by the company where it is incomplete or not up-to-date;

– Request your Personal Data is erased from the Company database, if you believe it has been unnecessarily or illegally processed;

– Request restricted processing of your Personal Data by the Company, if you believe your Personal Data is incorrect;

– Exercise the right of Data portability, i.e. to obtain a copy of your Personal Data provided to the Company in a structured format in common use and legible by an automatic device or to request its transfer to another Data Controller;

– Oppose the processing of your personal data on a legal basis regarding your personal position, which should be given to the company to prevent it from processing personal data.

We wish to point out that the Personal Data you have provided to the Company can be amended at any time by writing to:
You may exercise the aforementioned rights using the means indicated above.

The Company also informs you that you always have the right to file a claim to the competent Controlling Authority (e.g. of the country in which you normally live, the Italian Data Protection Authority in Italy), if you think the processing of your Data is unlawful as regards effectively applicable, personal data protection.